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Automated pay-by-phone service: secure payments 24/7

Mid-Ohio Energy's new automated pay-by-phone service Interactive voice system provides security, 24/7 payment and account information

In the near future, Mid-Ohio Energy will be introducing its new interactive voice system for making payments and accessing account information by phone.

Similar to our online bill pay portal and mobile apps, the automated voice system is another way your co-op is using technology to improve member service.

As a result of recent privacy laws and regulations, Mid-Ohio Energy staff will be unable to handle payment information over the phone. The automated voice system helps remove us from the process while giving members the peace of mind that their personal information is safe and secure.

You might ask, “What happened to talking to a live, local person?” No need to worry — our friendly and knowledgeable employees will still answer the phone (as well as any other questions you may have) when you call during business hours.

In limited circumstances, our personnel may still be required to handle account transactions.

Using the service

The automated system can be accessed by calling any of our current office phone numbers. Simply follow the voice prompts to make a payment or access account options.

Improve your experience by calling in with a phone number that is registered on the account. You can also use your account number to access your information. Payments can be made with a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover) or by check (members will need to enter their bank account and routing numbers). Payments are processed and posted immediately.

In addition to making a payment, members can also use the service to see account balances, due dates, report an outage, or reach a member service representative for other inquiries.

For more info regarding the service, view our automated pay-by-phone QUESTION & ANSWER sheet.


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