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Marketing Rebates

Mid-Ohio Energy offers energy credit rebates to members for new heat pump, geothermal, and water heater installations. To qualify, members must agree to have a radio-controlled switch (RCS) installed on the unit (at no cost to the member).

Rebates are paid in the form of an energy credit applied directly to the member's account. The co-op's marketing programs are designed to help members make efficient energy choices and help the cooperative reduce system loads during times of peak use.

Specific program details and requirements:

Geothermal systems - $400.00 energy credit

Heat pumps - $400.00 energy credit

Water heaters - Rebates up to $200.00 for existing home, up to $500.00 for new home

ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebate - $100 for an ENERGY STAR®-rated appliance purchased and installed in a residential member's home.


Learn more about our load management program and radio-control switches. 
Load management programs




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